evil tricks

from by Spirit Waves



my friends all say
i've been insufferable since i met you
and i mean it's all true
i'm so in love with you
and every little thing you do

every breath you take
you turn down the stereo
and we make a lil housequake
if you were to ghost on me
i don't know what i'd do

i thought i was cool
chillin with some freaky bitches
but i was really the bitch in the relationship
and now i love it
oh god i miss you

rolling things back
to how they were at the start
my surfer girl it should have been you
now i feel so lost
and i don't know what to do

but i guess in the end
it's all ashes anyway
spiraling out of control
the things our brains can do to hurt us
evil tricks

i keep on finding myself
getting closer to you
and i know you do too
but darling,
my throat won't say the words

turn that romantic sub into full text
before you end up
with a list full of regrets
it ain't over til its over
girl i love you


from untitled, released April 15, 2017




Spirit Waves Corpus Christi, Texas

sad rock, bad electronica, and just generally shit vibes all around. stay away!

for all inquiries: opeyer [@] visualdisturbances [dot] net

@spiritwaves on twitter

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