going north (for stabscotch)

from by Spirit Waves



i'm going north for the winter
where everything
gets harder
i last longer

breathing much
for you

feeling you up
in your pickup truck
such a familiar sight
my blue haired angel

she waits
for me
for me

"don't you tell a soul"
oh don't you worry
i'll keep it
locked up tight
but i can't help
that i blush so much

red and blue
swimming together
it reminds
me of you
everywhere that i look
reminds me of you

something gives way
promise me
you won't be mad
promise me
you won't be mad
okay okay
promise me
everything's okay
okay okay

can't let it out
just wanna let it out
i see one. true. escape.
(lpc sample: uh, there IS something standing in my way)

i see
something standing
in the way

promise me
you won't be mad
promise me you won't be mad
okay okay okay

breathing slows
the world crawls
i glance up and hope
my last sight will be you

but all i see
is drywall
and the same four walls
i always see
fuck, fuck!

promise me you won't be mad, kay?
promise me you won't be mad okay okay
kay okay


from untitled, released April 15, 2017
thank you stabscotch for the stems and opportunity/inspiration to make this remix. it was a blast. <3 go listen to uncanny valley now. best album of 2017, no meme. there's a longmont potion castle sample in this track from "vitamin guy". very funny stuff! love u LPC




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